PRovincetown, June 13


I’m exhibiting some work in a show at Gallery Ehva in Provincetown, MA from June 13-25. Some of it is new-to-me and never displayed work. This is exciting! Friend shout outs to Tess who I’m super excited is showing her own work by my side, and Pecce for getting me into this thing.

Here’s a poster I designed and printed at the As220 community printshop for the show. Its cicadas and some more dead cicadas–Cicadas live most of their life living underground, dying not long after their final “arrival.” The show title references it’s inclusion of artists younger than Amy Winehouse was when she died, so I thought some sort of ephemeral iconography would be appropriate.

Come to the “end of the world,”? June 13 6-8pm I’ll be there.



Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie is a crazy good poet and friend who just performed on the finals stage at the Women of the World Poetry Slam in MN this last weekend. I made these portraits of her as an example of an alter-ego project I was doing for an illustration class I’m teaching. AWoooooooo, wild animal.